Boris Johnson told to resign over Christmas party as video is leaked online

Boris Johnson has been told to resign as Prime Minister tonight after a video was leaked of him having a Christmas party in Downing Street.

Anger erupted over festive get-togethers at 10 Downing Street last December after footage of a mock press conference with aides joking about the alleged rule breaches was leaked to the press.

Senior advisors can be seen creasing up about “cheese and wine” apparently in Downing Street and “a business meeting” which “was not socially distanced”.

Ian Blackford of the SNP said: “This video is damning and leaves the Prime Minister with a lot to answer for.

“When every individual up and down the country was told to stay at home the Tories were having a Christmas party. “If this is true, then the Prime Minister’s position is untenable and he must remove himself from office immediately.”

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