Boris Johnson will not extend Brexit transition past December 2020

Boris Johnson today vowed not to extend the Brexit transition period beyond December 2020.

So if a trade deal with the EU is not agreed by December 2020 then Britain will effectively leave with No Deal!

The party’s election manifesto flatly ruled out delaying the formal end of the implementation phase.

The promise was a key factor in convincing Nigel Farage to stand down hundreds of his Brexit Party candidates, boosting Mr Johnson’s chances of winning a majority.

The manifesto says: ‘We will negotiate a trade agreement next year – one that will strengthen our Union – and we will not extend the implementation period beyond December 2020.’ 

Mr Farage welcomed the manifesto today, saying it was full of ‘things that I have campaigned on for years’.

He said he was happy to see the Tories ‘changing the agenda’ by talking about immigration levels.

‘I recognise much of the Conservative manifesto because they’re things that I have campaigned on for years, such as hospital parking charges.

‘Much of the manifesto was in fact in the Ukip 2015 manifesto, even recent ideas that I’ve announced like not exporting plastic waste for dumping in landfill in China or elsewhere, that’s in there.

‘So, I’m pleased that they are changing the agenda. They’re even talking, maybe, about reducing immigration levels and of course Brexit.

‘So, I do feel that I recognise a lot of it. My question is, do they mean it and are they going to deliver?’

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