Boris says he’s paid £100 Partygate fine but refuses to resign!

Boris Johnson has paid a £100 fine and apologised for attending a party on 19 June 2020.

Click Here to Watch the Video: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/breaking-shameless-boris-johnson-pays-26697881

Speaking from his Chequers retreat, Mr Johnson said: “I have paid the fine and I once again offer a full apology.

“In a spirit of openness and humility I want to be completely clear about what happened on that day.”

He said: ‘’The “brief gathering” in the Cabinet Room at around 2pm on his birthday lasted “less than 10 minutes.’’

He described it as an occasion for “people I work with” to pass on their good wishes – and said he didn’t realise at the time that the party broke the rules.

“Of course the police have found otherwise and I fully respect the outcome of their investigation.

“I understand the anger than many will feel, that I myself fell short when it came to observing the very rules which the I had introduced to protect the public.

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