Bothers have launched Marshmallow and Trutti Fruity flavoured Cider

Brothers have launched two new Ciders, one that tastes of marshmallow and another that tastes of tutti frutti.

The marshmallow flavour combines the taste of marshmallow with hints of vanilla and the tutti frutti option, tastes of cherry, pineapple, grape and strawberry.

The marshmallow cider will be available in B&M, Budgens, Londis and Spar shops across the UK from 1 April.

The tutti frutti flavour is Available now in Greene King pubs.

Each bottle has an alcohol volume of four per cent, which is the same as two alcohol units.

Both flavours are also gluten free, free from artificial sweeteners and vegan friendly.

The marshmallow one is expected to pop up in supermarkets too, but Brothers Cider has yet to confirm which ones.

Prices have not yet been announced…..

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