Boy thrown from Tate Modern balcony ‘goes home’ over a year after the tragic incident

A boy who suffered catastrophic injuries when he was thrown from the balcony of the Tate Modern has been able to visit home, his family said.

Now, the boy’s family says he is “happy to see his toys again”.

Jonty Bravery, 18, who threw the boy from the balcony, was convicted of his attempted murder and jailed, in June.

An update posted on a GoFundMe site, which has raised almost £250,000 for the boy’s medical care, said his parents were able to bring him home “just for a weekend”.

“We took him to the sea and he was able to build sandcastles with a friend on the beach,” the statement said.

“He stays seated in one place, and we bring him what he needs to build. He couldn’t swim, of course, mainly because he still can’t move around without his splints.

“He also returned at home for the first time and he was super happy to see his house and his toys again, even though he couldn’t go upstairs to see his room.”

The parents thanked the public for their continued support and said their son’s reading, breathing and singing was improving “little by little”.

“He still spends most of his day in a wheelchair and still cannot walk on his own,” the statement added.

“But when we give him our hand, we don’t need to carry his weight anymore like before – it is mostly about helping him to find his balance.

“He can walk a few metres like that and he now also manages to climb one or two steps, always with our help.”

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