Brendan O’Neil Says If Brexit Doesn’t Happen On October 31 ‘There Should Be Riots’

Brexiteer Brendan O’Neill has said there ‘should be’ riots If Brexit is not delivered.

Appearing on BBC’s Politics Live O’Neill was talking about the reaction to the Supreme Court ruling from Brexiteers, when he asked: “What must they be thinking as they hear these ‘so called’ experts and lawyers and these parliamentarians – 70% of whom are anti-Brexit – going through all of these discussions? ‘How can we prevent a clean Brexit’, ‘how can we ensure that this doesn’t happen’, and ‘how can we go back to the people and force them to vote again because we think they were stupid and racist and got it wrong the first time round’?”

He continued: “They must be watching this wondering what’s happened to democracy in this country?

“And I just think the introduction of law into this process is an absolute disaster, because what of it smacks of to me is there is a layer of society who are so used to getting their own way in politics, who are so used to everything going their way over the past 30 or 40 years, and are repulsed by the fact in 2016 it didn’t go their way.”

He explained: “Now they will use their financial power, their legal power and their parliamentary power to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

To astonishment from his fellow panellists, he said: “I am amazed that there hasn’t been riots yet.”

Asked by BBC presenter Adam Fleming if he thinks there will be, he said: “I think there should be.”

“You think there should be?” clarified Fleming.

“Yes” responded O’Neill, as Observer columnist Sonia Sodha told him he was “inciting violence!”.

“When I look at the gilets jaunes, who have taken to the streets because Macron messed them around over the eco-tax and various other things, what I continually think is why have the British people been so patient?

“Now this might sound alien to Sonia, because you live in a particular world… we all do,” continued O’Neill, before the presenter again chipped in.

“There is a fine tradition in this country of radical protests – right from the levellers in the 1640s to the chartists in the 1840s to the suffragettes who did take direct action… when their voices have been ignored.”

Do you Agree with Brendan O’Neil’s comments.? What do you think should happen.? If Brexit doesn’t happen on October 31 because MPs in Parliament didn’t like the result of the referendum

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