Bride stunned after walking in on groom being breastfed by his mum

A bride has been left stunned after walking in on her groom being breastfed by his mother.

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In an episode of the Unfiltered Bride podcast, host Georgie Mitchell – who is a professional UK wedding planner – explained how she had been told the story by someone she had previously worked with.

Referring to the makeup artist by the name ‘Jenny’, Georgie relayed how she had just finished the bride’s face and hair when she said she needed to go to use the bathroom.

George said: ‘[The bride] walked into the toilet and what she saw is enough to end a wedding.’

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At first, Georgie’s co-host Beth – who runs the business Etiquette Events Styling – assumed that the groom was cheating on his bride with another woman.

After being told to try again, Beth then questioned if he was taking drugs in the lead-up to the ceremony.

Insisting that it was ‘much worse’, Georgie then replied: ‘He was being breastfed by his mum.’

Beth then replied: ‘Sorry, WHAT? Why would you marry a man [who still breastfeeds]?’

Jumping to the bride’s defence, Georgie added: ‘I don’t think she knew that was what was happening!’

Unable to contain her contain her giggles, Beth said: ‘Why was his mum producing milk?’

‘She’s obviously been doing it continuously to get to that point,’ Georgie added.

Despite the bride’s obvious shock, the planner claims she still went ahead with the wedding.

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