Britain set for 2 week scorching 30C heatwave

A cooler blip has interrupted summer over the past week in Southern parts of the UK and for those in the North, Well, summer has never really got started at all.

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All that looks set to change as high pressure looks to establish itself from next week with temperatures on the rise day by day. By the latter part of the week temperatures could be topping 30C and if model outputs are to be believed the high pressure and thus high temperatures could be with us for some time.

The good news this time round is that even Northern areas look set to enjoy some heat. As the high pressure moves Eastwards from the Azores and anchors over the UK the heat will move across the whole of the country.

Temperatures in Glasgow & Edinburgh are expected to reach around 27C by Friday whilst Belfast and Cardiff can expect 22C and 25C respectively. The hottest temperatures as you may have expected are for those in Central and Southern areas of England with 30C+ likely.

So without delay get that BBQ ready and the paddling pool out as this may be the spell of weather that Summer 2022 is remembered for.

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