Britain to be hit by worst snowfall in 5 years – UK to freeze for weeks!

Britain is set to experience its coldest winter blast in five years as a result of a sudden stratospheric warming event currently happening over the Arctic.

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A prolonged cold spell is expected to hit the UK within weeks. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures are could occur from February 25th to mid March.

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The Met Office is expected to issue warnings for many areas later next week, with significant disruption to travel and transport expected.

This cold spell is caused by the sudden warming of the stratosphere, which can lead to changes in the jet stream and result in colder air being brought down to the UK.

The last time the UK experienced a similar event was in 2018, which was branded the ‘beast from the east.’ This year’s event is expected to be even more severe.

Meteorologists have urged people to be prepared and keep up to date with the latest forecasts.

Karen from Manchester has warned people to stock up on bread and milk just in case.

James from Norfolk has said ‘Do Not Panic’ as snow is just frozen water which will melt eventually.

In conclusion, a sudden stratospheric warming event is set to plunge the UK into a prolonged cold spell, resulting in heavy snow for some areas.

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