British policeman faces disciplinary probe after branding George Floyd a ‘drug-crazed maniac’

A police officer is facing a disciplinary investigation after branding George Floyd a ‘drug-crazed maniac,’ and blasting Diversity’s Black Lives Matter-inspired dance routine on Britain’s Got Talent.

PC Mark Gunn, a serving officer for 10 years at South Wales Police, made the controversial comments while discussing Diversity’s dance, which sparked around 24,500 complaints, on a podcast he runs on Spotify, called PC BBQ.

Speaking about the moment Diversity referenced the death of Mr Floyd in their dance earlier this month, the serving police officer said: ‘It’s finished off with somebody dressed as a police officer kneeling on somebody’s neck.

‘I thought now the other footage had been released and we could see that this drug crazed maniac wasn’t as innocent as everyone thought.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he deserved to die but let’s move on.’

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