Brits furious as Central London covered in ‘Happy Ramadan’ lights over Easter

Ramadan lights on display across central London over the Easter weekend has prompted concern over support for other major faiths during important festivals.

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Lights in Oxford Street and between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square were switched on earlier this month by London mayor Sadiq Khan.

It is the second time the Muslim celebration has been marked with lights in London.

The lights which read “Happy Ramadan” are funded by the Aziz Foundation, a charity founded by Asif Aziz.

The property developer owns sites including the London Trocadero located between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

The display has received praise but also sparked questions over why an Easter feature has not been put in place ahead of this weekend.

Writing on social media, one person said: “Insult to everyone who is Christian, they have never done Easter lights for us.”

Another said: “We are a Christian country. Easter is one of the main feasts in the Christian calendar. It should not be overshadowed by other religious events.”

While a third added: “Ramadan lights at Easter. This is cultural displacement.”

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