Brits to enjoy Easter Heatwave with temperatures hotter than Ibiza!

Brits are set to enjoy a mini Heatwave throughout the Easter period and beyond with temperatures hotter than Ibiza. Warm air heading Northwards from Spain should reach all areas by late on Thursday with the warmest day likely to be Good Friday as the Mercury could reach 22c.

Click the link to see what the temperature will be in your area:

The Met Office have said: ”Warmer weather is on the way and temperatures will rise to 22C in south-east England.”

Temperatures are also expected to reach 17-20C widely as we go into the easter weekend giving the perfect conditions for a BBQ.

Barring the far North West of England and Western parts of Scotland which may see some rain late Sunday the settled and warm conditions look likely until Wednesday.

So get the preparations underway for looks to be a fantastic extended weekend.

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