Brussels warned Royal Navy will be sent to protect UK fishing waters from EU vessels!

The environment secretary has warned the EU that the UK has taken “sufficient” steps to protect its waters after Brexit.
George Eustice said: ”The Royal Navy will provide three extra vessels and the Home Office will provide a further four.”

A new control centre has also been launched, 50 extra fishery protection officers have been recruited and there will be “aerial surveillance”.
“We have significantly increased our enforcement capability,” Mr Eustice said, adding: “We think that is sufficient.”

The environment secretary said the UK was seeking an arrangement with the EU similar to Norway’s, with annual negotiations based on the scientific evidence on fish stocks, but possibly a multi-year framework.

But, if no deal could be reached by the end of June, the UK would automatically become an “independent coastal state” from next January, with the power to determine access arrangements.

“We would automatically take back control of our exclusive economic zone and there would be an obligation on both us and the European Union to work towards a sensible annual negotiation at the end of this year,” Mr Eustice said.

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