Builder who won £105m jackpot goes back to work to finish his clients jobs

A builder who won the £105 million EuroMillions jackpot has been spotted fulfilling his promise to go back to work.

Self-employed Steve Thomson, 42, and his shop-assistant wife Lenka, 41, from Selsey in West Sussex, became the ninth-biggest winner in the history of the National Lottery last month. 

Mr Thomson, who has been playing the lottery regularly for 25 years, promised to help the local community and told customers: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll hold to it and get all my jobs done!’

They plan to buy a new home so that their two sons aged ten and 15, and their daughter, eight, can each have their own bedroom – making their living conditions ‘a bit more harmonious’.

Their ten-year-old son has already asked for a Tesla car, while their eight-year-old daughter has asked for a pink iPhone. 

The couple, who met at the Bunn Leisure campsite at Warner Farm, Selsey, are now wealthier than singer Harry Styles and Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. 

Mr Thomson only realised he had won as he waited to be picked up for work three days after the draw was made.

He said: ‘I am not sure I even looked at the first two lines, the third one just jumped out and I could instantly tell they all matched. I started shaking a lot. I knew it was a really big win but didn’t know what to do.

‘I went out to my van, walked back in, thought about knocking on a neighbour’s door, went back to the van – I think I was on the verge of having a heart attack.

He said his parents refused to believe he had scooped the jackpot, telling him: ‘We’ll believe it when we see it.’ 

Mr Thomson said: ‘Now they believe it.’

Mrs Thomson asked her husband for a Christmas holiday when she thought they had won £105,000 – before learning she was a millionaire. 

She said the money would make their annual trips to Slovakia to visit her family, ‘a lot more affordable.’

She added: ‘Our annual holiday has always been to see my family in Slovakia and each year we start saving for the next one as soon as we come home.

‘Not only can I treat my family and see them more often, but we can also look to have other holidays, perhaps somewhere hot with a beach.’

Mr Thomson added: ‘Everyone is going to have a good Christmas. 

‘Not sure what we are going to do, I am not cooking, Mum is not cooking, Lenka is not cooking. Christmas will be good this year, it really will.’

Describing the moment he realised he had won, Mr Thomson said: ‘I was a shaking, gibbering wreck. I walked round the living room a few times, I went out to the van, I went back in, it was five minutes of madness then I decided to go and tell Lenka.’

Mr Thomson pledged to be ‘sensibly generous’ with his windfall and added: ‘It’s so much money, I am going to be generous. I live in a small village, I do not want to leave the village, whatever I can do for the village, I will.

I have to be sensibly generous. I still can’t get my head around it, one (million) would have done but I have got 105, it’s just amazing.’

He added: ‘To be able to give our children a bedroom each is a big thing, so we have been looking for a house.

‘We will stay locally but somewhere with some space. I would like to build our own place eventually but we’ve been looking at houses online for now. We will also support our families by buying them houses.’ 

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