Cadbury has hidden rare Creme Eggs worth £10,000 in shops across the UK

Cadbury has hidden 146 chocolate Creme Eggs worth up to £10,000 in shops across the UK as part of their 2022 Egg Hunt.

The rare new eggs are made of half milk and half white chocolate, with the classic Creme Egg filling inside.

There are only six eggs worth £10,000 with each one hidden in an Asda, Co-op, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

Three eggs are worth £5,000 each, on sale in a Waitrose, One Stop and a Booker shop, while four eggs that have a £1,000 prize are being sold across Iceland and Booths stores.

There are also 12 eggs worth £500 – including two that are hidden in Poundland shops – with the rest of the prizes for the eggs being £50.

Chocolate lovers have until March 17, 2022, to find one of the Creme Eggs, Prizes must be claimed by June 17, 2022. If you find one, you will have to resist eating it and instead, call the number on the tin foil wrapping to register the win.

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