Cat locked up in solitary confinement after letting out all the shelter animals

This cat who’s been locked up for letting out shelter animals didn’t choose the thug life, it chose him.

The aptly named Quilty is guilty of letting his four-legged pals run free at the Friends for Life Animal Rescue Organisation in Houston, Texas.

The six-year-old domestic shorthair has now been put in what is now being called solitary confinement until he learns some manners.

And it seems Quilty is a creature of habit as he was known to let out his doggo friend when he lived with a previous owner.

The owner wasn’t too pleased that the dog would be let indoors and make a mess. We’re not sure whether Quilty has an aversion to doors or he just wants to see some chaos in the world.

Despite the lovable rogue’s mischievous ways, he’s still loved by fans online and the folks at the animal shelter. They’re still not letting him out of the SHU though.

‘His roommates missed him while he was banished to the lobby. They enjoyed their nighttime escapades around the shelter.’

They added: ‘If someone out there is looking for a clever cat that gets along with dogs but does not get along with closed doors, we have someone they really need to come and meet.’ Those in the Houston area might be interested in giving the cheeky cat a forever home.

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