Piers Morgan quits Good Morning Britain

March 9, 2021 Lewis Morris

ITV have confirmed Piers Morgan has quit Good Morning Britain, amid complaints about his on-air comments about Meghan Markle this week.  The star clashed with GMB co-star Alex Beresford on the show on Tuesday, after his response […]

Cineworld set to close all UK sites!

October 4, 2020 Mark Newell

Global cinema giant Cineworld is set to temporarily close its UK sites in the coming weeks, it has been reported. The Sunday Times says the firm is writing to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Culture Secretary […]

Winter expected to be cold!

September 10, 2020 Mark Newell

Weather experts are warning British & American citizens that the 2020-2021 winter season may actually get Cold and even wet at times, all depending on the temperature and rainfall amounts. Forecasters said the change in temperture will even affect some […]

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