Ceefax is back thanks to a 20 year old coder

Ceefax was loved by millions to find out various bits of information back in the 80’s and 90’s.

News reports, TV listings, games and weather were all provided on the service, accessed via your remote control, with each page attached to a corresponding three-digit number.

As the world moved on and the BBC shifted to digital, Ceefax was shuttered in 2012. But at its peak, tens of millions of us used it on a regular basis.

Now, years later, the iconic service has been lovingly recreated by a 20-year-old computer programmer from Northern Ireland called Nathan Dane.

‘It’s as close a recreation as I can make it,’ Dane told the Guardian, admitting that he spent several years on the project thanks to a love of old broadcast TV.

Nathan’s version can be found in its entirety here (Assuming the website is not still being overwhelmed with the huge number of people trying to take a look) and repurposes information from the current BBC website to populate the blocky, colourful interface.

‘I do find it really useful myself. If I’m sitting in work eating my lunch I can just stick that on and get up to date,’ he explained.

‘You’re not flicking about between websites – you have all the information you need on a page but without all the distraction.’

The information available on Nathan’s recreation includes an accurate weather map created from data pulled from the Met Office and the current standings of the Premier League table. That one is on page 324.

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