Channel 4 Hollyoaks sparks controversy as 12 year old told to transition by trans woman

Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks has found itself at the centre of debate for one of its latest storylines involving 12-year-old character Rose Lomax (Ava Webster).

The youngster, who is biologically female, has struggled with their gender identity of late and has sought the advice of soap newcomer and trans woman Kitty (Iz Hesketh)

Rose has struggled to confide in parents Tony and Diane Hutchinson but in recent weeks, with the help of Kitty, the 12-year-old has decided to have a haircut and reveal all to mum and dad.

Both parents struggled to comprehend Rose’s revelation but this week, with the support of Kitty, the Hutchinson clan appear to be forming a solid family unit.

Since the scenes aired, one involving Kitty and Rose has gone viral on X, formerly Twitter, as it shows the adult trans woman encouraging Rose that taking the “first steps” into transitioning “is the best feeling in the world”.

The scene opens with Kitty telling a tearful Rose: “It’ll be okay. Just take it one step at a time.”

“I don’t know what the first step is,” the 12-year-old replies. “I’m a boy but my body is all wrong and how am I supposed to tell my parents that?”

Kitty says: “I’ll help you in whatever way I can. But you need to know that your life is in your hands.

“So stop bunking off school and then, and only then, you can start thinking about how and when you’re gonna tell your mum.

“Rose, you can’t move on with your life until you’ve told the people you love who you truly are. That is… if you’re sure?”

“I am so sure,” the adamant youngster answers to which Kitty says back: “Well then once you’ve taken the first step, you can start actually being who you truly are.

“It’s the best feeling in the world.”

Other scenes included in the storyline show Rose’s mum Diane claiming she’s “not sure I’ve ever felt so old” after struggling to comprehend Rose’s gender struggle.

“These days, kids are so much more open-minded you know, and Rose transitioning, well it won’t be that big of a deal,” Diane also says during a recent episode.

Hollyoaks promoted the aforementioned scene involving Kitty and Rose on X with the caption: “This is an important conversation to have #Hollyoaks.”

But before long, several of the comments criticised the soap for using the subject in a primetime show, including one who replied: “I miss the days when soap operas were about love affairs and secret twins. Not trans-identified males telling young girls that they should pursue transition.”

A second added: “Shameful promotion by Hollyoaks of an adult male in drag grooming a girl to ‘take the next step’. A Red flag waved in our face.”

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