Channel 4 presenter John Snow in quarantine over Coronavirus fears

Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow has announced he is self-isolating after travelling to Iran, which currently has one of the largest Coronavirus outbreaks outside of China.

The broadcaster, 72, will remain in quarantine for the next two weeks after visiting the country.

John Snow said that he does not have any symptoms of the virus and was not near the epicentre of the outbreak, which has infected 95 and killed 16.

He told Channel 4 News via a videolink from his home: ‘I woke up this morning feeling rather tired, but that was from the trip.

‘But we weren’t actually anywhere near where the main virus outbreak has occurred.

He said that he is ‘not really supposed to congregate with any crowds or go anywhere where there may be people’, adding: ‘So that means I’m sitting at home.

‘To be honest, the absolute enormity of the prospect of 14 days hasn’t really hit me.’

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