Charities are set to lose thousands of pounds due to a change in the law

A petition has been set up to try and pressure the government in to making a change which you can sign here:

Permit the use of red diesel for ‘Not for profit’ events (Fundraising)

The petition states, From the 1st of April, rules for the use of “Red Diesel” are changing. We will no longer be able to use red diesel for “Tractor Runs or Ploughing Matches”. 

A majority of tractor runs in the UK are all to raise money for charities, for example myself I have hosted and planned 5 tractor runs over the last 5 years raising over £70,000 for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and Cancer Research UK. 

This new law will cause all these charities which rely on donations for events like tractor runs to suffer. Especially after the last 2 years because of the global pandemic. So there is going to alot of charities in the UK which will suffer from this new law.

For example air ambulance charities in the UK rely solely on fundraiser events like tractor runs to raise much needed funds for them as they are not government funded. 

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