Chief Constable apologies after liking Owen Jones tweet blaming officers for Bristol riots

A chief constable has apologised after she ‘accidentally’ endorsed a tweet that blamed rioting in Bristol on police and the Government.

Rachel Swann, who leads Derbyshire Police, ‘liked’ the tweet, which said the violence was inevitable after officials ‘criminalised peaceful protest’.

Left wing activist, Owen Jones who wrote the tweet, was referring to the Government’s Police, Crime,┬áSentencing and Courts Bill, which aims to crack down on protests.

He wrote: ‘If the Government attempts to criminalise peaceful protest, and police are set on women at a vigil, the scenes tonight in Bristol become an inevitability.’

Miss Swann ‘liked’ the tweet late on Sunday night but later deleted the endorsement after being criticised online.┬á

Miss Swann, said that she had ‘accidentally liked a tweet which did not reflect my view of the situation’.┬á

She added: ‘When I realised this morning I immediately corrected it.’

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