Child rapist who killed Alesha MacPhail ‘in hospital after being badly beaten in prison

A teenage killer who raped and murdered a little girl was beaten so badly in prison his ‘tooth was through his lip’.

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Aaron Campbell, who killed six-year-old schoolgirl Alesha MacPhail in 2018, was hospitalised after being attacked at Polmont Young Offenders.

The attack happened when his cell was briefly left open during meal time, a prison source told The Sun.

Alesha’s great-grandad George Lochrane, 79, said of the news: ‘I hope he’s in pain. I hope he’s suffering.

‘The only thing I’m sorry about is that I didn’t get to do it myself.’

The attacker had to be dragged off Campbell by wardens as he delivered vicious blows, according to the prison source.

They said: ‘His door was open and someone saw the opportunity and took it.

‘He pushed Campbell onto his bed and started leathering him and got a good few shots in.

‘Campbell wasn’t expecting it at all, he never said anything.

‘He got rushed to hospital after his front tooth ended up sticking through his lip.’

The attacker is reportedly now being hailed a ‘hero’ by fellow inmates and ‘isn’t bothered’ that he may face a new assault charge.

The source said: ‘Everyone in here is happy, staff have been making sly comments that he deserved it.

‘He’s normally kept apart from everyone in here as everyone wants to hang him.

‘They would kill him if they could because of what he did to that wee girl.

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