Children told to stop saying ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ in School in favour of Gender Neutral terms

A training session has recommended that school pupils should refer to their educator as ‘teacher’ instead of gendered titles such as ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’.

In a session funded by the National Education Union (NEU), Dr Elly Barnes told teachers they ought to be moving towards a ‘gender-free model’ in education.

Dr Barnes is chief executive of charity Educate and Celebrate, which spreads positive messaging about LGBT acceptance in schools and provides training to educators across the country.

Dr Barnes recommended dropping words such as ‘boy’, ‘girl’, ‘son’ and ‘mother’ and replacing them with gender-neutral phrases.

She insisted that the gender-free model was a success in many of the schools her charity worked with.

Dr Barnes was seen suggesting that ‘male’ and ‘female’ categories be removed from school application forms and that school uniforms could be gender-free.

A female teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, branded the session as ‘propaganda for trans activists’ and told The Telegraph she thought it was against the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines.

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