Conservatives on course for 359 seat majority while voters abandon Labour

Boris Johnson is on course to win a comfortable majority in new polling, with Labour losing more than 50 seats compared with 2017.

The Conservatives are set to win 359 seats according to a new poll, giving Boris Johnson a majority of 68 seats.

The MRP poll for the Times also puts Labour on 211 seats, a loss of more than 50 MPs. In the last parliament, they had 262 seats.

The polling method is seen authoritative because it predicted a hung parliament in 2017 and was proven correct.

The model used questioned 100,000 people over the course of seven days and adapted answers to account for age, gender, voting history and local political circumstances in individual constituencies.

It suggests the conservatives could take 44 seats from Labour on 12 December, while the SNP would recover some losses in Scotland, getting eight seats back compared to 2017.