Conservatives predicted to win 368 seats and Labour to suffer worst defeat in history

The election Exit poll is predicting a consecrative majority of 368 seat with Labour expected to suffer their worst defeat in history.

The Conservatives have won the general election and Boris Johnson will enjoy a commanding House of Commons majority, the broadcasters’ exit poll suggests.

The poll – conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Sky News, the BBC and ITV News – forecasts the Tories will win 368 seats, with Labour on 191 seats, the SNP on 55 seats and the Liberal Democrats on 13 seats.

To form a majority government in the Commons, a party needs to win more than 325 seats.

The exit poll suggests Labour are set for a hugely disappointing night, with the party forecast to secure their lowest number of seats for decades.

At the last election in June 2017, Jeremy Corbyn saw Labour win 262 seats.

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