Contestant struggles to answer the £100 question on Who wants to be a Millionaire!

Most of us are familiar with the program and every one of us probably answer the first 5 relatively straight forward questions, But for one contestant question one proved tricky.

For his first question, Ross was asked: “According to a well-known proverb, what ‘… is the spice of life’?”

The four possible answers were vanity, variety, virtue and vanilla.

Ross immediately went quiet as he pondered the answer, which confused host Jeremy as he leaned forward and asked: “Hello?”

Ross laughed at his remark, explaining: “I’m just thinking it through Jeremy,” before falling silent once more.

“Are you using telepathy to convey the answer to me,” Jeremy teased as Ross went quiet again.

The host laughed: “Oh, he’s gone again.”

But Ross explained his silence was for a reason, telling the presenter: “It’s a difficult one Jeremy, I’m not going to life.

“I’m struggling, I’ve never heard of this saying before. That’s the reason why it’s difficult.”

He immediately went back to thinking about the question as Jeremy asked: “Has any one used a lifeline on the first one?”

Eventually Ross decided to choose “variety” as his final answer and unsurprisingly won the £100.

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