Poundland Cadbury’s Chocolate ad for a ‘friend who loves a good finger’ sparks outrage

A new Poundland advert featuring a woman above a box of Cadbury’s Fingers has sparked outrage on social media.

A post on the company’s official Twitter page shows a young woman with her eyes closed and her mouth open above to the words: ‘For a friend who loves a good finger! Cadbury’s Fingers – £1.’

It comes two years after the discount retailer got into hot water over its innuendo-laden ad campaign featuring an elf.

Some social media users seemed concerned by the variety company’s message, with one commenting: ‘Can’t see this ad staying up for long! Queue the PC brigade….’

One man wrote ‘crass like your company’, and another added: ‘god damn, Poundland!’

One woman said she was ‘speechless’, while another posted a video of a referee giving a red card.

A Twitter user wrote: ‘Is it someone’s last day in the Poundland marketing team? And of course you have sexualised a female in the making of the advert. Nice one.’

And another woman added: ‘They’re at it again!!!!! Naughty Poundland.’

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