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Coronation guest is accused of being Meghan Markle in disguise

A Coronation guest who was accused of being Meghan Markle in disguise has revealed the truth behind his unique look.

Legendary composer Sir Karl Jenkins, whose ‘haunting’ work Tros y Garreg was played during the ceremony, caught the eyes of viewers as he sat next to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

After days of wild speculation the 79-year-old confirmed he was not the duchess in a large white wig and glasses, or a thief dressed in disguise trying to steal the crown jewels

Sir Karl, who is perhaps best known for composing the song Adeimus, told viewers that he has had his distinguished moustache since the age of 18.

While Lord Lloyd Webber tweeted about the matter today, he said: ‘I can confirm It wasn’t Meghan Markle.’

He said: ‘I was quite surprised that some people thought I was Meghan Markle in disguise. Someone wrote I was there, whoever I was, to steal the crown jewels.’

Sir Karl chuckles then adds: ‘I look like this all the time and in addition this on my neck, which is what they give you when you get a knighthood – this was around my neck over which my tie came and my jacket.

‘Oh and my moustache has been referred to in The Times as well – but I’ve had the moustache since I was 18 years old. It was very trendy then. So that’s me. Nothing sinister about it or surprising at all.’

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