Coronavirus: The true figures!

This post is not about scaring people but about awareness and giving facts on the current figures.

Now to start with there is some good news. The Mortality rate from those infected based on the number of cases with an outcome, Recovered/Died is getting lower on a daily basis. For example, One week ago the death rate was 6.9% comparable with 5.74% today.

As of March 06, 2020, 10:40 GMT the current number of cases stands at 98,875. Of those, 59,197 are closed cases. Of these 55,807 (94.26%) Recovered whilst 3390 (5.74%) Died. Now this actual mortality figure is higher than is often quoted of 1-2% in the mainstream media however it is continuing to fall and the World Health Organisation expects the final death rate to be around 3.4%

Now for the figures that are more concerning.

Of those currently with the Virus, 39,704 people, 6,278 (16%) are what is classed as serious or critical and would require hospital treatment leaving 33,426 in a mild condition. Despite being a worrying figure, The 16% is declining day by day. The UK’s health minister Matt Hancock said the figure expected in the UK for those needing treatment would be between 5 and 10%.

Those with pre-existing conditions are far more likely to be at risk from Coronavirus. However, Alot of the pre-existing figures will overlap with the deaths of older people so for example someone the age of 30 with diabetes could expect far less risk than the current death rate below shows.

Cardiovascular disease
Death rate,
Confirmed cases
Death rate,
All cases
Chronic respiratory disease8.0%6.3%

Age is also a major factor with elderly at a far bigger risk.

confirmed cases
all cases
80+ years old21.9%14.8%
70-79 years old8.0%
60-69 years old3.6%
50-59 years old1.3%
40-49 years old0.4%
30-39 years old0.2%
20-29 years old0.2%
10-19 years old0.2%
0-9 years oldno fatalities

And finally many people say its just the same as the Flu. Don’t be fooled,
The figures are much higher which is why Governments around the world are taking the necessary steps to delay the spread of this virus in the hope of finding a vaccine.

All figures quoted are from Unless stated otherwise.

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