Couple have a barbecue right in front of grass burned in recent wildfire

Having a barbecue during tinderbox conditions, right next to a fire that has just been put out perhaps isn’t the cleverest of ideas.

But that didn’t stop a courting pair from firing up a barbecue on one of the hottest days of the year.

They chose to sit on an area of unburned grass in Millfields Park, Hackney, a few feet away from scorched earth which firefighters had extinguished earlier that day.

Although it is not known what caused the fire, the section of the park has been victim to arson attacks in the past and because of the heatwave the latest fire spread quickly.

Whatever the weather, barbecues are forbidden in all council-run parks, including Millfields.

A volunteer group known as the Tree Musketeers tweeted following the earlier fire.

They said: ‘All the care and commitment of growing, planting, and looking after these trees over many years can be wiped out in a few minutes by someone’s carelessness.’

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