Cuddle pets and eat porridge to stay warm says OVO Energy

With rising fuel prices Ovo Energy offered its customers some advice on how to keep warm however the company has now issued an apology.

Ovo Energy said it was “embarrassed” after sending the advice in a blog “containing energy-saving tips” to its SSE customers.

The company, which is based in Bristol, described it as “poorly judged and unhelpful”.

It was removed following criticism, including from North Bristol MP Darren Jones.

In a statement, an Ovo spokesperson said: “Last week a link to a blog containing energy saving tips was sent to customers. We understand how difficult the situation will be for many of our customers this year.

“We are working hard to find meaningful solutions as we approach this energy crisis, and we recognise that the content of this blog was poorly judged and unhelpful.

“We are embarrassed and sincerely apologise.”

Speaking to the Financial Times, which first reported the story, Mr Jones, chair of the Commons business select committee, called the advice “insensitive”.

“Being told to put on a jumper instead of turning on your heating if you can’t afford it, at a time of such difficulty for so many families, is plainly offensive,” the Labour MP told the newspaper.

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