D-Day Veteran, Receives MBE After Fighting In Battle For Normandy

D-Day veteran Harry Billinge has been honoured with an MBE which he has said he accepts the honour on behalf of the 22,442 soldiers who were killed during the battle for Normandy.

The veteran said

“I am very grateful for any kindness bestowed upon me. I am choked beyond measure to think I have got an MBE. I don’t deserve it.

“When I get it, it won’t be for me, it will be for the 22,442 blokes killed on D-Day. That’s what its all about. They were marvellous men, some just 16.

“What a waste of life, terrible.”

Harry Billinge has raised tens of thousands to help pay for the costs of building a national memorial to commemorate his fallen comrades.

He already holds France’s highest award, the Legion d’Honneur and he visited the opening of the first foundation stones to remember the British forces who served in the conflict during WW2.

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