Dad attaches rabbit feeder to son’s bed to stop him asking for water at night

A dad has invented a ‘genius’ solution to a common parenting problem involving children asking for cups of water in the middle of the night.

The father named Kristian posted on Mum Central with his hilarious ‘hack’ for satiating the thirst of his young son of an evening: a rabbit feeder.

He attached the £5 device to the side of the bottom bunk bed so he can simply sip away from his position in bed without any need to get up. 

‘Got tired of my kid calling out all through the night for drinks. Boom. Best $5 I ever spent,’ he said.

The drink bottle is most commonly attached to the side of a rabbit hutch for the animals to slowly sip on without spilling droplets all over the cage.

There were plenty of parents willing to give the token feeding device a try to save them some extra sleep.

One person wrote: “This is an absolute game changer for sure.”

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