Dad who tortured his baby is tied up and battered in prison

A dad who tortured his baby son so badly he had to have his legs amputated has been battered in prison.

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Anthony Smith and his girlfriend Jody Simpson were sentenced to just ten years behind bars for abusing Tony Hudgell when he was six weeks old.

Two inmates who were disgusted by Smith’s abuse have since beat him repeatedly with socks filled with tuna cans after tying him to his cell bed in a two hour ordeal at Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.

Michael Stewart and Nathan Odgers also threatened to “cut off his legs” – a reference to how the appalling injuries Smith had inflicted on little Tony when he was just six weeks old.

A insider said: “They pulled out socks weighted with full tins of tuna and began to hit Mr Smith over the head and body.

“They were encouraging each other, saying ‘Hit him harder, he deserves it’ and ‘Cut his legs off’.”

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