Damaging Thunderstorms expected across parts of the UK Today!

After all the hot weather we have had this wouldn’t be the UK without a few flashes of lightning and a rumble of thunder.

And as expected the weather is going to stick to its usual routine and provide a somewhat lively afternoon/evening for parts of the UK with a Met Office weather warning in place.

As we go through today the temperature will rise once again to highs of 33c but a shift to cooler conditions edging in from the West will collide with these high temperatures and spark some very lively storms particularly in the East of England and potentially the far East of Scotland later this evening.

These storms have the potential to be multi-cell storms with a risk of frequent lightning, Large hail, Damaging winds and possibly even a Tornado.

This will mean the risk of flash flooding in prone areas with damage to homes and business whilst power outages could also occur.

Even where thunderstorms don’t occur heavy downpours are certainly possible so take care when out and about.

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