Danger to life as Arctic blast to Freeze UK with Snow and 80MPH winds

Storm Arwen has been named and is forecast to bring very strong winds and cold weather to the UK from Friday into Saturday.

Disruption to travel is likely over the coming days with warnings in force. 

A yellow weather warnings has been issued for England and Wales, with an Amber warning on force for parts of Scotlands as Snow and 80MPH winds are expected to cause blizzard conditions in some areas.

Gale force winds, Large waves and flying debris could result in injuries which could pose a danger to life.

Temperatures are forecast to drop to around 5c to 9c by day, 4c to 0c by night with widespread frosts for most areas.

Wintry showers are expected on Friday and Saturday, snow is most likely to occur in northern England and Scotland, with the possibility of some wet snow in southern areas.

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