Danniella Westbrook shows off results of her facial reconstruction surgery

Danniella Westbrook has shown off the results of her facial reconstruction surgery as she continues her recovery in Portugal.

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The former EastEnders actress, 49, had a string of procedures in Turkey last week in a desperate bid to save her collapsing face.

Danniella had a thread lift, liposuction in her cheeks and lips, fat grafting on her chin and her jawline etched after her septum collapsed from excessive drug use in 2002

The TV star is continuing her recovery in Portugal and was seen this weekend soaking up some sun by her hotel pool.

Danniella has been wearing thick bandages around her head and nose, but wasn’t wearing them on Saturday.

The television personality has been shaken after a health scare saw her back in hospital, hours after landing in Portugal.

Taking to her fans on instagram on Sunday, she said: ‘Only I could land back in Portugal after surgery only to end up in hospital.

‘The pain I’ve experienced is unreal, most frightening few days. Need it like a hole in the head, literally.’

When Danniella first woke up after the lengthy procedure, she said she looked ‘like she had done 10 rounds with Tyson Fury.

Danniella said she has wanted to have the reconstruction done for the last seven years, but was unable to find a surgeon who would operate because her septum had completely collapsed.


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