Desperate Chinese citizens resort to using Fruit and Plastic bottles as face masks

Desperate Chinese citizens unable to buy face masks have resorted to using fruit and plastic bottle helmets to shield against coronavirus. 

Companies have been working overtime to supply citizens with protective masks amid surging demand as cases of the flu-like virus soared to over 8,000 today.

Social media posts show people wearing grapefruit skins as masks, water-cooler bottle headgear.

while pranksters have mocked the health crisis with absurd alternatives, including iceberg lettuce.

It comes as Chinese health officials warned people not to re-use their protective masks after videos emerged of people boiling their surgical masks and hanging them up to dry.

Medical experts warned that this greatly reduces the effectiveness of the masks, a spokeswoman for the Gansu province Health Commission added that they should be discarded after just four hours of use. 

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