Diane Abbott should be the next Labour leader, insists caller

Diane Abbott is the “one person” in the Labour Party who could beat Boris Johnson in the next general election according to an LBC caller -before failing to give a single reason why she would win.

The caller, introduced as Richard from Manchester, backed the Shadow Home Secretary to become the next Labour leader.

Richard said he was “surprised” more people had not mentioned Ms Abbott as a possible leadership contender in the party.

However, when radio host Shelagh Fogarty pressed the caller for reasons why Ms Abbott could defeat Boris Johnson he failed to provide any. 

Richard said: “I’m very deeply surprised that this lady has not been included in the list of potential leaders of the new party.”

The LBC host asked: “Who do you mean?”

Richard replied: “I mean Diane Abbott.

“I don’t understand why she’s not been part of this conversation.”

LBC Host said: “Can Diane Abbott beat Boris Johnson at the next election?

Caller. Richard: “Not because he turns out to be rubbish but because she has something genuine to offer?”

LBC Host: “If you can not say why Diane Abbott can win and that she can win why do you want her to be the leader of the Labour Party?”

Caller Richard replied: “Because look at the others.”

LBC Host: “You don’t even believe she can beat Boris Johnson so why the heck do you want her as the Labour leader?”

The caller responded: “I think nobody will beat Boris Johnson if everything is implemented.”

The LBC host said: “Someone has to eventually.”

Richard replied: “Well in my view the one person who can do it at the moment is Diane Abbott.”

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