Disney World on high alert as MAJOR Hurricane Dorian approaches!

Hurricane alerts are in force as Dorian starts to gather strength in the Atlantic and accelerates towards the Bahamas before being predicted to smash into the US State of Florida on Monday.

The forecasts show there is still a level of uncertainty as to what category this hurricane will make landfall as and the exact point in which it comes ashore. Current estimates predicts landfall will be between Titusville and West Palm beach with the strengths of winds making it either a category 3 or 4 Major Hurricane. The high winds are expected to cover a large area with the storm being up to 270miles wide when it makes landfall.

Flooding is also expected to be a major concern with up to 1 foot of rainfall.

Residents are being told to make their own Hurricane preparations and be ready to evacuate if necessary.

We will have more on this as the forecast pins down the details over the next couple of days.

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