Do not use electric toothbrushs to masturbate, doctors warn women

Women should never use an electric toothbrush to masturbate, a gynaecologist has warned.

Tales of people pleasuring themselves with the vibrating gadgets are common online but one expert said it could lead to ‘lacerations or trauma’. 

The ‘interesting new trend’ risks damaging the sensitive skin around the genitals and isn’t hygienic, she said.

Various warnings from medics suggest that anything not specifically designed to go in or on the vagina should not be put down there.

Now, consultant gynaecologist Dr Anne Henderson, based on Harley Street, has told The Sun toothbrushes should always be kept above the neck.

She described using toothbrushes to masturbate as an ‘interesting new trend’ and said: ‘I would have serious concerns about anyone using an electric toothbrush for anything other than cleaning their teeth.

‘The structure and shape of the toothbrush, regardless of which part is used, could potentially injure, lacerate or cause trauma to the delicate vulval area, particularly the clitoris, especially if one of the more aggressive cleaning heads is used.’

Women posting on anonymous forums on Reddit claim to have enjoyed the practise using both the brush end and the handle of the devices.

However, the handle is the wrong shape, according to Dr Henderson, and the teeth-cleaning end raises further issues of cleanliness and cross-contamination.

Dr Henderson instead recommends people stick to purpose-built sex toys, which can be bought for less than £5 online.

She added: ‘The whole issue is fraught with potential complications and should be avoided at all costs.’

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