Donald Trump says he rejects ‘environmental prophets of doom’ in front of Greta Thunberg

Donald Trump urged world leaders at Davos to ‘reject the environmental prophets of doom’ during his keynote address to the World Economic Forum on Tuesday. 

The US President branded climate activists ‘the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune tellers’ while rattling off a list of projections that he said failed to come true, including overpopulation in the 1960s and the ‘end of oil’ in the 1990s.

Trump’s remarks were a clear swipe at 17-year-old Greta Thunberg who was sitting in the audience for his speech and had earlier chastised world and business leaders for ‘doing nothing’ to stop climate change. 

Trump said the US will join an initiative called the ‘one trillion trees’ project in order to conserve ‘the majesty of God’s creation and the natural beauty of our world.’

But he said technical innovation, not restricting economic growth, is the way forward. ‘Fear and doubt is not a good thought process,’ he said. ‘This is not a time for pessimism but a time for optimism.’ 

Greta Thunberg called on world leaders and businesses to immediately stop investing in fossil fuels, divest away from industries linked to fossil fuels, and halt fossil fuel subsidies.  

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