Dozens of turkeys escape from poultry farm in Norfolk just weeks before Christmas

A gang of turkeys, believed to have escaped from a poultry farm just weeks before Christmas were spotted in Suffolk. 

Walkers were stunned to stumble across the 50-strong group of birds appearing to be roaming free in woodland on Saturday morning.

The birds were seen near the village of Red Lodge just two miles from a farm run by Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) which breeds turkeys.

A woman who spotted the turkeys later said: ‘I was just surprised to see that many.

‘I think they escaped from a nearby farm, but I think turkeys tend to go back, so they might have done.’

Another walker, who asked not to be named, filmed the gang of birds as they wandered through woodland clearings and posted the footage on Facebook.

Members of the public were so concerned about the birds’ welfare that one person even offered up their land for the turkeys to stay on.

However the whereabouts and identity of the birds’ owners still remains a mystery. 

It’s not clear whether or not the turkeys have been returned to their home.

Traditional Norfolk Poultry boast of breeding free-range and organic Norfolk Black and Norfolk Bronze turkeys.

A spokeswoman for the firm said: ‘We’ve had no reports of any turkeys escaping.’