Driver crashes new £200K Lamborghini just 20 minutes after leaving the dealership

A brand-new £200k Lamborghini was wrecked in a motorway crash just 20 minutes after leaving the dealership.

The Lamborghini estimated to cost over £200k, crashed after suffering a mechanical failure and was hit in the back by a van on the M1 yesterday.

The supercar lost its back wheel while most of its back was crunched up from the impact.

West Yorkshire Police, said the Lamborghini stopped in lane three due to a mechanical failure.

PC Whiteley said: ‘It’s only a car. But on this occasion, a 20-minute-old, brand-new Lamborghini that stopped due to mechanical failure in lane three then hit from behind by an innocent motorist.’

A police spokesperson said the van driver suffered head injuries, but they were not believed to be serious. 

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