EastEnders fans work out the father of 12 year old Lily Slater’s baby

EastEnders fans have ‘worked out’ who the father Lily Slater’s baby is…

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Viewers of the long-running BBC soap were left shocked on New Year’s Day when it was revealed the youngster was pregnant.

During the festive episode a carbon monoxide leak at home meant the family were taken to hospital to be checked out.

It was only then after being examined by a doctor that Stacey was told her daughter was expecting.

The episode opened with Stacey being questioned by a social worker and a police officer about her daughter and family, as they tried to get to the bottom of who could have had slept with the youngster.

Stacey was aghast at the suggestion it could be an adult family member who had abused her daughter, but was told by the professionals they had to launch a child protection investigation as well as a criminal investigation for Lily’s safety before she could be allowed home.

Later, the moment came when Stacey had to tell her daughter that the two women wanted to speak to her, and in heartbreaking scenes, she had to explain to her little girl that was she pregnant.

Following the revelation, fans at home are convinced they know who the father is.

They’ve worked out it could be 12-year-old Ricky Mitchell, who is the son of Jack Branning and Sam Mitchell.

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: “Oh what a twist Have a feeling Nugget or young Ricky is the dad #EastEnders.”

Another said: “OMG Lilly is pregnant but who is the daddy? I reckon it’s Little Ricky #EastEnders.”

“I reckon either Denzel or Ricky (Jack’s son) is the dad! #EastEnders,” said a third.

While a fourth said: “On more than one occasion there have been little moments with ricky where he sneaks off quietly, leading me to believe that he is the father of lily’s baby. #EastEnders.”

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