Easter Blizzards set to dump 10cms of snow across the UK!

Many of us will be basking in the glorious sunshine as temperatures today are set to reach a summery 24c, However in just 6 days time the weather across the UK will be entirely different with snowfall expected from Easter Monday.

Forecasters are warning that a deep area of low pressure situated to the North East of the UK will send cold air surging Southwards bringing strong winds and frequent snow showers, With drifting snow a major hazard across higher ground. Severe widespread frosts will also be likely every night from this Sunday until Wednesday as temperatures dip as low as -10c in the Scottish Highlands and between -1 and -4c elsewhere.

10cms of snow is likely to fall on Monday across parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, North Western parts of England and through into the Midlands along with Northern parts of Wales. As ever with showers some areas may miss the snow completely with other areas a short distance away seeing significant amounts. At this stage its impossible to rule out any part of the UK escaping the chance of some snow however details on the exact areas are likely to firm up over the coming days.

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