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Elon Musk Added $121 Billion In Wealth In 2021

Elon Musk is pretty rich, We’re all aware of that. But while many of us were just about keeping our heads above water, the SpaceX boss was busy making a hefty $121 billion (£89bn).

In just one year.

That’s just over $10bn (£7.4bn)… every single month.

The value added to the 50-year-old’s fortune means that he’s kept his place on Bloomberg Billionaires Index rich list with a total net worth of $274bn (£203bn).

Following him is of course Jeff Bezos who currently has a net worth of $194bn (£143bn), despite his wealth it’s suggested that he only made $3.96bn (£2.94bn) this year.

Next up is Bernard Arnault, he’s the third richest person in the world and pushed that along thanks to a year to date change of $62.7bn (£46.5bn).

This has left Arnault – who owns luxury good company LVMH – with a net worth of $177bn (£131bn).

But with great wealth comes hefty taxes and Musk is well aware of that. Telling his Twitter followers that he would be forking out around $11bn (£8.16bn) in taxes alone, More than any other individual American in history.

He made the declaration in response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s allegation that he’s ‘freeloading’ off everyone else. 

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