Elon Musk to reduce the Brightness of starlink satellites

Last month the satellites were viewed from across Europe and will soon be clear for those in the UK to witness once again with the best times  at 10:59pm on 12 May or 10:36pm on 14 May.

However Elon Musk has announced the increase in sightings was a cause for concern.

The tech billionaire was asked on Twitter: “Is there a reason they’ve been brighter and more noticeable lately? I feel like tons of people are spotting them all of a sudden and they went fairly unnoticed before.”

Musk replied: “Solar panel angle during orbit raise/park. We’re fixing it now.”

In a later tweet he expanded: “We are taking some key steps to reduce satellite brightness btw. Should be much less noticeable during orbit raise by changing solar panel angle & all sats get sunshades starting with launch 9.”