Energy prices are set to soar in April as Martin Lewis shares the horrendous figures

The Money Saving Expert we all know we can rely on to help us get through the tough times and help find savings here and there has shared the sobering news that when it comes to energy prices there is no way to avoid a huge price hike. The figures are likely to push millions into fuel poverty and add more pressure on those already struggling.

In a Facebook post Martin says

‘And here it is in numbers (I’m sorry)…

For someone on TYPICAL USE (use more it’ll be higher, less lower) then here are the gas & electricity prices…

Cheapest fix 1yr-ish ago: £900/yr Current price cap: £1,277/yr

Strongly predicted 1 Apr cap: c.£1,925/yr

Crystal ball predicted 1 Oct cap c. £2,240/yr

Current cheapest fix: £2,250/yr’

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